PartnerUP for 2022 Predictions

In host Jared Fuller’s first solo episode, he shares his predictions for the upcoming year. Some of them are a bit gloomy due to the inflation rate rising, but overall there’s a lot of opportunity coming to the Channel. Here’s what we learned. 

  1. Partner influence is growing

This is the continuation of the trend we’ve been seeing for the past few years. Partners have been taking a more active role in managing a customer’s entire tech stack. This trend will keep continuing through this year and most likely the next. 

  1. B2B marketplaces boom

Instead of just listing out integrations, companies will start bundling their preferred partners’ services together into offers for their customers. This is part of a larger shift in the B2B world in which companies try to provide additional value to their customers instead of trying to push out new products. 

  1. Partner marketing will start offering

Instead of just using thought leadership content and lead magnets, Fuller predicts that start using offers to entice people to take their CTA. He predicts this will happen most with events in which companies may start offering a hat for attending their webinar.

Most of Fuller’s predictions are continuations of trends we’ve seen in the past few years, but there are a few that aren’t based on prior trends. Find the 30 min episode here.

Changing Years, Changing Channels

If you didn’t get a chance to keep up with all the Changing Channels episodes this year, then the Best of Changing Channels 2021 episode is a must-listen. As their final podcast of the year, the episode covers the highlights. 

Here’s some of the highlights you may have missed. 

  • “Be where your sales team is not” – from Lori Cornmesser, vice president of worldwide channel sales at CyCognito. Cormnesser’s episode was on what to do as a new channel chief and this is a great piece of advice. Your partner program can give you access to places that your sales team isn’t focused on which can help you reach an untapped customer base. 
  • Frank Rauch, head of worldwide channel sales at Check Point Software Technologies, stresses the importance of having KPI’s for your partner program and how those KPI’s get you a seat at the executive table. Want to know what KPI’s you should track? Especially for partner engagement? Check out The True Measure of Partner Engagement.
  • According to Joe Sykora, senior vice president of worldwide channel and partner sales at Proofpoint, the best partner incentives are things that make business easier for partners. This could be things such as giving partners a playbook on how to negotiate prices, a course on knowing their audience, or something else that gives them necessary skills and makes business easier. 

Take a 30 min break and listen to the podcast here.

Trust Factors: How to quickly build trust in your partnerships

Good partnerships are built on trust. But how do you get your partners to really trust you? What factors should you consider? Dr. Paul Zack answers these questions and more in the latest Partnernomics episode. Dr. Zack is currently a professor of economics at Claremont Graduate University and joins host Mark Brigman, to talk about his new book Trust Factor.

Here’s what we learned:

-Relationships need to be built intentionally in order for them to work

– High performers want chances to grow. If you’ve got a really high performing partner, make sure they have opportunities to grow with you. 

– At a minimum, once a month, video chat with your partners to build/maintain trust.

– To get to know your partners better, put them in a stressful situation (ex. Take them skydiving). This gives you an idea of how well you’ll work together in the future. 

– To build trust with your partner, you can give them a medium-stakes project to handle. This will also help you judge how well the partnership will work. 

Listen to the full episode here for more insights into what factors affect trust both in partnerships and your own organization.

The PartnerUp Podcast: How to Sell Your Partner Ecosystem to Your Board

On the most recent episode of the PartnerUP podcast, partner ecosystems are brought to the boardroom. Listen to Avanish Sahai discuss how the partner ecosystem is a competitive advantage in the current B2B environment. Sahai has led partner programs and ecosystems at Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Google Cloud. Here, he offers advice on how to sell your partner ecosystem as a strategic imperative to your executive board. 

Here’s what we learned. 

  • Your partner ecosystem can increase your growth and bring you into the public market
  • Partner ecosystems are integrated and collaborative which can be difficult to align with a traditional sales and distribution model
  • When your partners innovate, you gain a competitive advantage.
  • Having a partner ecosystem allows your partners to innovate and create products that enhance your existing products. 
  • Customers want fewer, more strategic relationships with companies that understand their business. 

So, if you’ve got a board meeting coming up or just want to learn more about partner ecosystems, clear 45 min from your schedule and watch the episode here