Campaigns Designed for Partners

Engage Partners and Prospects

Send a variety of campaigns to stay top of mind

Re-share for Lead Generation

Partners can share campaigns with prospects in as little as 3 clicks

Analytics on Partners and Prospects

Get detailed campaign metrics

Engagement & Lead Gen Campaigns

Launching a successful campaign with your partners can take months of communication and coordinating, but it doesn’t have to. xAmplify utilizes automation and technology to replace the friction and frustration of manual processes, allowing your partners to launch your campaigns with just a few clicks. Our platform also gives you greater visibility into your campaign performance through end-to-end metrics across partners and down to their prospects.

Campaign features include:

xAmplify isn’t just for co-branded campaigns. You can also send campaigns directly to your partners, helping you stay top of mind.

Campaign Types


Send product announcements, newsletters, bug fixes, and more

Social Media

Increase your social media reach by having partners share your content​


A full media solution for your video campaigns including co-branding and dynamic streaming


Create event campaign that include co-branded landing pages to share across partners

Pages & Microsites

Dynamic pages co-branded for each partner and managed in one place

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