Amplify Your Channel Revenue
xAmplify is more than a Through Channel Marketing Automation platform.
It's a Partner Demand Generation solution.

Unlock Revenue For All Partners

Share proven sales processes across partners

Sustainable Revenue Growth

Create continuous deal flow for partners

Channel Predictability

Forecast channels sales with end-to-end transparency

Grow Partner-Led Revenue

In addition to the Partner Growth features, our Through Channel Marketing Automation solution includes the following.

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Lead Generation Campaigns

Companies create and share omnichannel, multi-touch campaigns that maintain key messages and branding across all partners.

Dynamic Co-branding

Automatically co-brand any campaign and marketing collateral such as PDFs, landing pages, videos, and emails.

3-Click Campaign Redistribution

Each partner gets their own complete marketing automation platform or can use their own tools to redistribute campaigns to generate leads.

Deal Registration

Partners register deals that sync directly with Salesforce without any customization.

Sales Enablement

Companies share key messages, cadences, and content to the partner sales reps to reshare with prospects.

Channel Analytics

Your dashboard provides visibility across the channel including partner activity, campaigns, sales enablement, partner prospects, deal registration, and MDF.

Why Partner-Led Revenue?

Partners want to grow revenue together with companies. xAmplify provides companies the ability to create and share lead gen campaigns and sales enablement across all partners to scale revenue.

Our platform utilizes innovative marketing automation to make partner-led growth easier.

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