Lead and Deal Registration
Track and Attribute Partner Leads and Deals

Attribute Deals to Campaigns

Gauge campaign success by seeing which campaigns brought in leads and deals.

Forecast Your Pipeline

Partners easily register leads and deals that you can approve and monitor.

Faster Approvals & Payouts

Lead and deals sync with SalesForce for faster processing

Track, Attribute, and Process Deals Faster

Lead and deal registration help you reduce channel conflict and track partner sales activity. xAmplify’s Opportunities Module simplifies the lead and deal registration process for you and your partners. We make it easy for partners to register deals and alert you when there is something new in the pipeline, letting you approve and monitor progress.

  • Accurate campaign attribution
  • Automatic new deal alerts
  • Review, approve, reject, or put deals on hold
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Seamless Salesforce Integration

xAmplify’s unique integration with Salesforce ensures complete deal synchronization. Just login, grant xAmplify access to your Salesforce account and we do the rest.

  • No lengthy Salesforce development process
  • Setup your Salesforce integration in hours 
  • Changes to Salesforce are automatically synced with xAmplify

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