A PRM Designed & Built with Partners in Mind
xAmplify is a purpose-driven platform that replaces friction with automation for engaging, managing, and educating partners.

Engage Partners

Continuously engage partners with content and messaging

Treat Partners Like Teammates

Coordinate activities with partners like they are a part of your team

Get Started Quickly

Get started and integrate with your current sales and marketing stack in less than a week

Elevate Your Partner Portal

Portal Management

Easily add, remove, and segment partners based on your program needs. Customize access and settings on the fly.

Co-branded Content

Dynamically co-brand content for partners to use for their own sales and marketing initiatives.

Deal Registration

Partners register deals that sync directly with Salesforce without any customization.

Partner Insights

Built-in analytics show you how engaged your partners are with your program, campaigns and content.

Digital Content Library

Create and share a library of content in any format that helps your partners learn about your company and product.

MDF Tracker

Track your MDF allocations across your partner program.

Dynamic PDF and HTML Creator

Create and edit marketing materials, pages, and content for your partners to download as PDF or HTML for mobile and desktop views.

Social Media Feed

Share your content with your partner’s audience and increase its reach.

Training & Guides

Setup a comprehensive, interactive training program complete with quizzes, levels, badges and takeaways.

Deliver An Exceptional Partner Experience:

The xAmplify PRM solution is designed to create an experience that treats partners as an extension of your team.

xAmplify’s goal is to use technology to create better connections between companies and partners.

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