The Ultimate Marketing Automation Tool for MSPs, VARs, and Reseller Partners

Forget about juggling through multiple systems to register deals, update sales pipelines, access marketing collaterals, and run co-marketing campaigns. xAmplify is the only fully integrated platform designed for channel partners. All of your marketing and multivendor deal management tools in a single place. 

A Fully Integrated Platform For MSP Needs

Centralized Deal Registration Hub

Manage deal registrations, lead flow, and pipeline data from a single, cohesive interface, regardless of the number of vendors or solutions you work with.

Single Deal Management Hub for Internal teams

Eliminate manual data entry in multiple systems to keep marketing, sales and PSAs in sync at all time.

Register Leads & Deal in Vendor CRMs

Sync vendors in real time of status of deals.

Improved Efficiency

Save your team hours of administrative work by automating data integration and streamlining workflows, allowing them to focus on selling and relationship building.

Co-Marketing and Co-Selling

With tools facilitating guided selling, multi-vendor collaboration, and easy revenue management, xAmplify is a powerful multi-vendor solutions hub. 

Time Saving Automated Co-Marketing

Integrated Vendors give you sophisticated co-marketing campaigns to launch with a click of a button.

Co-Sales Solutions

Add your vendors to facilitate co-selling best practices.

Partner Portal & LMS

Get your vendors latest information about their products.

Sophisticated Marketing Made Easy​

xAmplify is vertically integrated platform that simplifies marketing and automates behavior based responses and other intricate campaign needs. Plus the detailed analytics helps you make insightful and data driven decisions.

Behavior-Based Automation

Whether using vendor marketing materials, direct marketing, or a combination of both, xAmplify provides all the customization features you need in one place, empowering you to own your marketing strategy.

Simple Campaign Creator

Easily create and automate multichannel campaigns, including email, events, social media, video, landing pages and more, to engage prospects and customers wherever they are.

Social Syndication

Connect your social media accounts to share thought leadership content across all channels from one platform. Plan your week or month ahead to streamline the process.

More Features And Growing

Video Hosting

Amplify offers comprehensive video hosting features that integrate smoothly with your marketing campaigns.

Robust List Management

Create lists with unlimited organization and selective sharing capabilities.

SPAM Control and List Verification

We verify email lists and provide SPAM scores for each campaign to ensure cleanliness and compliance.

Growing Number of Integrations

Integrated with Connectwise, HaloPSA, Salesforce, HubSpot and more.

Landing Pages & Micro Sites

Create unlimited number of pages for ads, events, and micro sites.

Detailed Analytics

Get transparent analytics on every campaign and touch point.

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