5 Ways Through-Channel Marketing Automation Can Boost Your Channel Partner Program


Through-channel marketing automation opens up a new world of efficiency and efficacy for your partner program. Gone are the days of having ad-hoc practices, and here is the time of having streamlined procedures that result in consistent branding, reduced error, and greater revenue growth. We’ve rounded up five of the ways that through-channel marketing automation (TCMA) can boost your partner program. If you don’t have TCMA in place, take note, and you’ll soon see why you should. If you do have it in place, but aren’t seeing these benefits, it might be time to reassess your provider, and give xAmplify a call. 

Funnels for Partners

TCMA introduces automation that isn’t possible in a manual process. Create customized funnels and flows that give your partners the assets they need, when they need them. Break it down by activity, partner, or platform, and create automated marketing tasks that pertain to lead generation, email campaigns, and social media management. Reduce the impact of human error, and increase efficiency by implementing TCMA into your partner program. 

Better Partner Engagement

Giving your partners the tools they need to be effective will greatly improve your relationship with your partner, and in turn, their engagement with their brand. TCMA gives your partners the customized marketing content and assets that they need to engage with their clients, and increase sales for your brand. TCMA reduces barriers your partners might face like accessing old branding, not being able to find current campaigns, and convoluted filing practices. TCMA gives them easy access, when they need it. 

Never Before Seen Visibility

TCMA gives you a bird’s eye view of how your partners’ marketing efforts are paying off like you’ve never seen before. It lets you understand marketing and sales attribution to see which activities are driving the most revenue, and which are areas for improvement. Track partner performance to gauge effectiveness, and use the data to implement change or scale partner involvement. 

Enhanced Partner Training

TCMA provides partners with a centralized platform where they can gain instant access to training materials and resources. It is easy to use, drives engagement in the process, and guarantees they access the most relevant documents. Personalize training materials to align with your partners’ areas of expertise, and ensure they have the knowledge and skills they need to successfully market your product. 

Competitive Advantage

Ensure your customers are engaging with a consistent brand experience, even across multiple channels, with TCMA. Strengthen your brand’s presence in its market with consistent imagery, language, and aesthetic branding materials. All of these can be housed in a TCMA platform and gives immediate access to your partners. Increase sales and become an industry leader with TCMA. Take control of your brand’s presence with strict branding guidelines and strategic assets that will cement your standing and offers.   

An effective TCMA program is designed to streamline and ease your partner marketing efforts. xAmplify is designed to create a cohesive partner experience that is easily integrated and adopted. Discover how you can enjoy these benefits with xAmplify’s partner portal. 

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