xAmplify’s founding team has decades of experience working at the biggest tech companies in Silicon Valley and as their partners. 

These experiences resolved the team to create a greater connection between partners and companies. The principle was simple, create a platform to replace friction with automation and technology to help partners and companies grow revenue together. 

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The xAmplify team believe businesses are the growth engine for our economic recovery. Many depend on selling products and services for other companies. In order to grow and hire more people, they need:

We empower partnerships with solutions to help create a sustainable growth sales channel

– Sudhir Nambiar, Co-Founder & CEO xAmplify


We believe, with our platform—a true automated, outbound solution that prioritizes channel partners—indirect sales organizations will be able to tap into the inactive majority of the global channel sales market: the 80% of DIFM partners. For those companies that have a channel program in place, we aim to expand it beyond their wildest dreams. For those who won’t even touch channel because it’s too difficult, we want to show them what’s possible with the right tools, and set them up for success in building a whole new revenue stream.

We offer businesses a fully automated outbound solution that prioritizes channel partners with the right tools and technology.

– Aravindu Sandela, Co-Founder & CTO xAmplify

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Sudhir Nambiar

Co-Founder & CEO


Aravindu Sandela

Co-Founder & CTO

Carlos Roman | xAmplify Advisor

Carlos Roman


Michelle Ragusa

Michelle Ragusa-McBain


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