Changing Years, Changing Channels

Changing Years, Changing Channels

If you didn’t get a chance to keep up with all the Changing Channels episodes this year, then the Best of Changing Channels 2021 episode is a must-listen. As their final podcast of the year, the episode covers the highlights. 

Here’s some of the highlights you may have missed. 

  • “Be where your sales team is not” – from Lori Cornmesser, vice president of worldwide channel sales at CyCognito. Cormnesser’s episode was on what to do as a new channel chief and this is a great piece of advice. Your partner program can give you access to places that your sales team isn’t focused on which can help you reach an untapped customer base. 
  • Frank Rauch, head of worldwide channel sales at Check Point Software Technologies, stresses the importance of having KPI’s for your partner program and how those KPI’s get you a seat at the executive table. Want to know what KPI’s you should track? Especially for partner engagement? Check out The True Measure of Partner Engagement.
  • According to Joe Sykora, senior vice president of worldwide channel and partner sales at Proofpoint, the best partner incentives are things that make business easier for partners. This could be things such as giving partners a playbook on how to negotiate prices, a course on knowing their audience, or something else that gives them necessary skills and makes business easier. 

Take a 30 min break and listen to the podcast here.

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