The Next Big Thing in Partner Portals in 2023


Implementing a partner portal is a game changer for many companies. As technology and partner needs evolve, the components of your partner portal need to adjust accordingly. Keep your partner relationship effective and profitable by looking for a partner portal that can provide tools that keep up with demand. 

Cloud Security

The increased normality of a mobile workforce demands that cloud security be a large component of a partner portal’s security measures. With 81% of companies experiencing a cloud security incident, the vulnerability of the cloud is real, and apparent. With a large increase in zero-trust practices across businesses, partner portals will follow. Zero-trust forces credential validation, regardless of the user. 

Partner Experience

The ease of doing business is one of the biggest drivers that influence companies when choosing a PRM. The usability of the product often ranks higher than the profit potential when selecting a partner portal. Partner portals need to implement easy-to-use practices and tailored experiences to stand out in the partner portal space. 

In addition to prioritizing overall experience, PRMs also need to ensure that the experience is as smooth for non-transacting partners. Partners who influence the customer need to be able to have easy access to product data and resources to finesse any customer interactions. 

Partner Analytics

In today’s data-driven world, quantifiable information is seen as an integral way of measuring success. Partner portals need to make data easily accessible, and easy to analyze. A focus on real-time, relevant data that can easily be extracted makes creating reports a breeze. Partners will both be able to understand profitability centers, as well as areas of opportunity. 


Related to the importance of easy-of-use is partner portal specialization and customization. Partners don’t want generic portals; they need portals that help them understand their clients, and how they can best be served. To be the most effective, a PRM will provide niched-down resources and information that allows partners to be engaged and enabled to meet client needs and demands. 

Seamless Integration

With businesses requiring multiple applications to effectively run their business, PRMs understand the importance of aligning their product with others on their partners roster. Being able to pull data directly from a CRM allows the PRM to act in the most efficient manner for both vendors and partners. Clients are no longer satisfied with a piecemeal technology stack; they want seamless integration that scales their effectiveness. 

Is your partner portal ready to take you into 2023? xAmplify is poised to optimize your partner relationships with automated and integrated functionality that facilitates sales and partner success. We understand the nuanced needs that you have when scaling with partners. We’re ready to help you have the best year yet in 2023. Contacts us to learn more.

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