PartnerUp Podcast: The Future of B2B Partnerships with Jared Fuller & Justin Bartels

The Future of B2B Partnerships

Recently on The Partnered Podcast, host Adam Michalski and guests Jared Fuller and Justin Bartels gave some insights into the future of B2B marketing and partnerships.

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They spoke about the tectonic shift in forming partnerships. Businesses must develop the proper techniques and understand the vital role that partnerships play in the overall success of their venture.

In the podcast, the importance of the Partnership Funnel was discussed. It was suggested that there should be some strategy in how a business find partners, handle onboarding, activate, and maintain their partnerships.

Another key takeaway is that businesses that understand the partnership ecosystem will be more successful in creating their partnership team, rallying the entire staff, and boosting their overall revenue. There is a lot of untapped partnership potential, and xAmplify supports the futuristic approach of helping companies to realize their partnership potential.

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