Trade Show Marketing
xAmplify's award winning platform helps event organizers automate their marketing programs through sponsors and exhibitors.

Drive More Attendees

Get your sponsors to get decision makers and influencers attending your conference

Build Awareness

Create network effect marketing through sponsors

Track Without Codes

Eliminate special codes and UTM for every sponsor

Scale Your Attendees Through Sponsors


Co-branded Landing Pages

Create a single landing page that automatically gets co-branded for each sponsor without any additional work. Pages can be linked or embedded by sponsors and use to drive attendees. No more UTM or special codes.

Social Syndication

Create sequenced or library of social content leading up to the event and after that sponsors simply syndicate on their social channels.

Automated and Integrated Campaigns

Design, control and easily automate drip campaigns for sponsors to launch to their audience.

Goal Achievements

With xAmplify's advanced tracking, sponsors and organizers see sign-up and goal achievements in real-time.

Why Customer Success Through Partners?

Partners now are owning the customer lifecycle. They are the face for the customer. They source opportunities, close deals and support them everyday.

The xAmplify platform is designed to help trade show organizers drive attendance and awareness through sponsors and exhibitors effortlessly. 

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