How Through Channel Marketing Automation Helps Drive Partner Adoption


While strategic partnerships are an integral component of your business, through channel marketing automation (TCMA) lets those partnerships be as efficient and effective as possible. TCMA provides the tools, resources, and assets necessary for your partners to successfully promote your product or service. Experience improved customer retention, shorter sales cycles, and increased revenue with properly-implemented TCMA that drives partner empowerment and adoption. 

Houses All Digital Marketing Content and Assets in One Location

TCMA allows brands to keep their marketing content and campaigns in one centralized location. This makes it easy for partners to have access to the most up-to-date campaigns, visuals, and messaging. Having to scrounge for marketing materials slows down your partners’ effectiveness, and reduces their willingness to proactively promote your product. Digital marketing campaigns cover a wide scope in areas like email marketing, SEO/SEM, and social media. It’s comprehensive, and therefore necessary to have a consistent presence on all platforms. Make it easy for your partners to find all relevant marketing resources, and see how this facilitates their efforts.

Monitor and Optimize Touchpoints 

Saleshacker released an analysis that shows it takes 18 touchpoints to get a response from a prospect. Let that sink in for a bit…18 touchpoints! That is up from 12 from the early 2013. It will only get longer. How do you expect to have a co-seling or co-marketing partner create that many engagements on their own without any automation. That is where TCMA helps simplify the repetitive tasks and create autopilot mode for partners. The best Through Channel Marketing Automation also helps companies keep track of the number of touchpoints needed to make partners effective. They can feed content for partners to continue to build out their co-selling/marketing touchpoints. In a data driven world, the more data that you have for knowing how long it takes to get a response or the combination of content becomes supremely invaluable for both the partners and companies. The more insights you provide to partners, the better they use your content and solutions.

Offers Easy-to-Use Solutions

Partners or not, nobody wants to use a program that is outdated or convoluted to use. Your TCMA should expedite your partners’ efforts, not slow them down. Easy and quick onboarding, effortless access to reports and leads, and a UX-focused interface lets partners adopt and implement your TCMA with ease. Programs should be optimized to allow partners to quickly and accurately identify areas of opportunity while providing them the resources to approach leads with quality marketing materials and resources. Simplified access to reporting lets partners gauge their effectiveness, and allows for strategies to be adjusted based on current data.

Incentivizes and Rewards Partners

Money talks, and early partner adoption of a TCMA may require an incentive system. By implementing an incentive, partners are more motivated to adopt the TCMA. Partners need to understand the immediate and long-term value of using your TCMA, and how it will help drive leads, sales, and revenue to them. Strategic use of a TCMA will help to scale growth, and demonstrate value to your partners. The introductory incentives can be reduced as their commission grows. TCMA also allows for the recognition of individuals in your partner’s organization. Use data and statistics to recognize and reward high-performing individuals. Specify what led to their success (Was it a particular campaign? How they implemented specific marketing materials?), and encourage others to replicate it.

Partner relationships can thrive with a proactive through channel marketing automation program. xAmplify wants to take your partner relationships to the next level with seamless TCMA adoption and implementation. Discover how our purposefully designed program will maximize your partner revenue while providing scalable options. Keep your brand at the top of your partner’s mind with Just-In-Time partner enablement, detailed analytics, and integrated automation. Book a demo for xAmplify, the world’s #1 TCMA platform.

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