PartnerUP Podcast: How Drift builds trust in partnerships

The Future of B2B Partnerships

In the latest PartnerUP episode, Jason Yarborough shares his partnership framework. Yarborough joins Drift, a chat bot and revenue acceleration company, as the new Head of Tech Partnerships. They also give a quick shoutout to the Cloud Software Association where PartnerUP host Jared Fuller will be teaching a masterclass in October. 

Here’s what we learned.

  • Partnerships are an accelerated way of creating trust with your partner’s customers
  • Partners like it when you treat them as advisors and give them access to more than just your marketing and sales teams. Get them involved with your product development team or share your roadmap. Giving your partners access to these things reinforces the trust you have in them and allows them to add additional value. 
  • Understand how you help your partners solve a problem. What solution are your partners trying to provide their customers? How does your product fit into that process?

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