Partnernomics Podcast: Strategic Partnerships in the FinTech Sector

The Future of B2B Partnerships

In the latest Partnernomics episode, Soumya Chakrabarty head of Strategic Partnerships at Discover Global Network talks about the growing FinTech sector and how Discover seeks partnerships. FinTech is a growing space for partnerships and anyone interested in finding partners in the space should listen. 

Here’s what we learned. 

  • Partnerships should create unique value for the end-customer
  • Being flexible with your partnerships allows for the partnership to provide unique value
  • FinTech partnerships enable digital products and services to quickly go to market

Chakrabarty also shared that if you’re looking to partner with Discover, you should emphasize how partnering with you will bring unique value to the end-customer. Think about what differentiates you and how that makes the end-customer experience better. Even if you’re not in the FinTech sector, this is still good advice for proposing a partnership to a well-known company. 

Listen to the podcast here

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