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Acquire and Retain Customers Through Partners

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xAmplify Simplifies Enabling Partners For
Managing The Customer Lifecycle

Partners are the face for customers. They manage the entire customer journey. With xAmplify, your team easily enables partners at every step of the customer lifecycle – that scales from a few to thousands of partners.

What Is Partner Enablement?

Scales with Your Partnership Needs

Advanced Partner Relationship Management

Modern tools to train partners for managing customer lifecycle including social content, deal registration and asset library.

Through Partner Demand Generation

A powerful tool set to build lead funnel and enable deal closure. Automated co-branding and personalization at scale.

Lifetime Value

Advanced analytics and content gives partners insights to increase customer retention, usage and value.

Purposefully Designed

Less Work

xAmplify is built to help you and your partners save time and eliminate redundant work. You can instantly co-brand content, craft lead gen campaigns and customize training plans for thousands of partners at once.

Automated and Integrated

xAmplify integrates automation with any content to give partners a single platform to use for marketing and sales. You easily control messaging, design and distribution for every partner in your program.


xAmplify gives you partner data beyond logins and badges. You see detailed partner and campaign attribution for deals. You see exactly how collaterals are used and what is driving the most engagement.

Partner Analytics

Don't just rely on login or views to measure partner engagement. xAmplify analytics show you how partners are using lead gen campaigns to register deals across your channel.

Co-branded Content

xAmplify saves you time by inserting your brand and partner's logo into emails, landing pages, pdfs and other collaterals automatically. It easily scales across thousands of partners.

Deal Registration

Partners register leads and deals from their dashboard that seamlessly integrates with Salesforce.

Multi Touch Campaigns

Craft omni channel digital campaigns for your own and your partner's marketing. Promote events, newsletters, social selling, videos and more.

Campaign Analytics

Get detailed analytics on partners and prospects on campaigns for opens, clicks and much more.



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