3 Secrets to Smart and Successful Channel Relationships

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What does a successful channel relationship look like?

That was the first question we asked channel influencer Stephen Denny in our webinar. The “Killing Giants” author has been in the channel for a very long time. He and Sudhir, our CEO, discussed what these relationships look like to them. 

Here are some of our key takeaways. 

1. Your partner’s view of success is different than yours. Find out what their view is and make sure your views align. 

2. Your partner relationships need to involve many people. If your channel manager or your point of contact on the partner’s side leaves, you’ll be out of luck. You avoid this by having more than one person talk to your partner. 

3. Grow and maintain a relationship through regular contact. Unlike marketing automation software, relationships can’t be set up and run automatically. They take work.

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