Forrester Channel Software Tech Stack 2020 Released

The Channel Software Tech Stack for 2020 was published this week by Forrester Analyst, Jay McBain. We thought it would be a good time to explain our positioning in the market due to the sheer number of channel software tech solutions out there. xAmplify is pleased to be included in the TCMA category. Through-channel marketing automation is our primary technology classification; however, our platform accomplishes many different things for channel programs.

Channel marketers can enjoy the benefits of many solutions in one platform with xAmplify:

-Through-Channel Marketing Automation

-Partner Relationship Management

-Partner Enablement & Demand Gen

-Distribution of Co-branded Assets

-Tech Alliance and Ecosystem Marketing

-Launchpad to connect your learning modules, channel incentive programs, and more.

xAmplify Deployment and Integration

Our deployment and integration strategies are what drive our success. As shown in the Forrester report, we are the youngest SaaS provider in the TCMA space. Because we have the latest in technology development, our deployment and integration capabilities leapfrog that of our competitors.

Quicker deployment for Channel Programs

-Provision an account for immediate use in less than an hour

-Leverage single sign-on for streamlined access

-Easily integrated with your CRM to accomplish lead and deal registration

-Add partners in seconds for faster go-to-market

-Partners quickly launch campaigns in a few clicks

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Our Rapid G2M Solution

All of the accelerated deployment and integration process rolls up into our Rapid G2M solution. The idea is to provide a simple, yet powerful interface that doesn’t require additional enablement from internal headcount or outside agencies. All partners can quickly launch a vendor campaign without assistance. That allows channel teams to be more strategic and remove many repetitive tasks from their daily workload. More partners executing at one time results in faster growth quarter over quarter.

Integration for all of your Channel Needs, Not Just CRM

Many channel leaders look for solutions that can quickly and easily integrate with CRM, but our integration efforts go far beyond that. Integration with CRM makes your deal reg simple. In our standard solution, your current deal reg form will immediately be available in xAmplify.  Along with that, you can repurpose your content from your other existing marketing platforms. Your partners will not need to locate branding guidelines because you have brand governance by partner type over all of your assets.

We would like you to consider a consultation with our growth experts so we can understand the successes and challenges of your channel program. We can show you how to customize the platform around your unique channel needs and deliver automation for many different workflows with your partners. Our automation will help ease demand, enable more partners, and drive revenue to new levels.

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How to Solve Age-Old Channel Marketing Issues

Our xAmplify team has years of experience working in Channel Marketing. We understand more than anyone, the magnitude of work it takes supporting partners with sales/marketing enablement, marketing development funds, and providing the resources that will make partners more successful.  There are many challenges in the Channel due to the levels of complexity and volume. Even the most successful channel organizations have hurdles that they still need to overcome to maximize channel revenue.

There is not enough automation in the Channel to account for growing workloads. Lean budgets or headcount vacancies cause a channel team to get underwater quickly. Things become more operational and less strategic limiting future growth. Instead of struggling with the same channel problems year after year, organizations should consider xAmplify’s Through-Channel Marketing Automation and Demand Gen solution.

xAmplify’s platform quickly solves for shortcomings in channel marketing and provides the following benefits:

  • Partner Marketing – G2M Faster
  • Marketing Content Distribution by Partner Group
  • Sales & Marketing Enablement
  • Two-Tier Visibility & Partner Pipeline Forecasting
  • Partner ROI for Your Demand Generation Program
  • Private Page for MDF Requests
  • Automation of Daily Repetitive Tasks

xAmplify’s Rapid G2M (Go-to-Market) Solution

Our Rapid G2M solution allows you to accelerate partner growth in a few key areas.  A common channel problem is small partner growth because of little to no marketing headcount. These partners don’t have time to navigate partner portals or assemble marketing campaigns, so agencies are hired to support them. Sometimes even with agency support, campaigns don’t get launched for 12 weeks or more. Channel Organizations then invest more money into those same partners with other low touch lead gen programs while partners are working on their campaigns. As a result, channel organizations double-dip on marketing investments for some partners and get lackluster results. xAmplify’s Rapid G2M solution allows a partner to be self-sufficient and redistribute a vendor-created campaign in 10 minutes because of the powerful, yet simple interface.

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xAmplify’s Unlimited Partner Grouping Options

Other legacy TCMA platforms use a one-size-fits-all marketing approach. xAmplify’s platform was built to serve up marketing content by partner group. An organization has unlimited partner lists to segment by geo, partner level, new certification, or any other criteria of its choice. This offers a way to serve up marketing content to newly certified partners and let them capitalize without delay. It also helps smaller partners so they aren’t overwhelmed by what is in the portal and lets organizations extend campaign customization privileges to larger partners.

xAmplify for Channel Sales & Marketing Enablement

Our platform is not just a channel marketing automation tool. It helps both sales and marketing teams drive more revenue. The partners can add all of their sales reps as additional users so that when a marketing campaign is distributed, it will be personalized down to the sales rep level. This eliminates the need for only one lead catcher on the partner’s end. Leads can be called into quickly resulting in higher lead conversion. 

xAmplify Through-Channel Marketing Metrics

Our through-channel marketing automation platform is two-tier. This means that you have additional insight into partner pipeline as well as analytics across all campaign types and communications. The metrics are helpful for your team to determine Partner ROI and who is executing the marketing plans that your teams discussed during enablement calls. Your team can more effectively decide where to spend their time.

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xAmplify Channel Marketing Automation

With our platform, you can automate many different channel communications downstream to partners. The xAmplify solution includes a landing page design engine the lets you create private pages for your team’s needs. For example, partners can submit for MDF (marketing development funds) on a private page and reduce the bottleneck of email. Other applications of this feature include end of quarter blitzes, communicating new certification programs, resources and more. And with our metrics, your team can see which partners opened your communications.

xAmplify Improves the Partner Experience

More mature channel organizations have thousands of partners. They are oftentimes segmented by certifications, partner levels, and performance to provide incentives and marketing programs. Partner experience is correlated with partner performance. Adding xAmplify to your channel marketing programs improves the partner experience by providing a feature-rich, easy to use platform that allows them to go-to-market quickly. This will give your company an advantage over the competition still using legacy systems. Win More Business with xAmplify TCMA!!

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